Who Are The Teamsters?

The International Brotherhood of Teamsters is regarded as America's strongest union. From railroad workers to law enforcement officers, the Teamsters represent virtually every segment of the labor workforce. It is through strong membership and organization that the International Brotherhood of Teamsters is able to provide strong member benefits, wage and employment protection, life insurance, 401(k) opportunities, scholarship opportunities, and so much more. Teamsters 507 offers the greater Cleveland area the opportunity to benefit from such a powerful organization.

How Do We Organize?

The National Labor Relations Act protects your right to choose union representation, but things cannot change until you act! The decision for employees to unionize is one that takes communication and a clear organizational vision.  Speak with your coworkers and determine if there are other members of your organization that are interested in unionizing. Strong foundations are built on numbers, so it helps to have an idea of who will be a part of your organizing team.

Reach out to Teamsters 507 to meet with a union representative. You will be able to discuss the needs of the employees as well as what it takes to build a strong union from within an organization. Union representatives will help guide you through the steps necessary for building your union, electing officials, and negotiating contracts. Get started today!

Teamsters 507 is the Greater Cleveland Area’s division of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. IBT is America’s strongest union representing virtually every segment of the labor workforce.